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The Eagle Cap Range

View of the Eagle Caps from the ECSA range
Website updated on 7/2/2014

A special thanks to ODF&W and the NRA Foundation for making our covered shooting line possible.


Latest Announcements

ECSEA 2014 Scholarship Fund

The Eagle Cap Shooters Educational Alliance, a 501(c) 3 organization, is raising funds to support up to four $1000 scholarships for graduating Wallowa county seniors. This year ECSEA is awarding these scholarships to students that will attend 2 and 4 year college programs and/or vocational/techincal schools.


One way ECSEA is raising funds is a raffle of a Ruger "American" rifle in a caliber of the winners choice. Details are listed on the raffle flyer.


Tax deductible donations can be made by contacting any of the persons listed on the raffle flyer.

Shoot Results


Upcoming shoots:

ECSA will be having a Military Rifle Shoot on the first Saturday of the month in August and September.  Rifles may be any semi or bolt action, iron sighted, WWII era rifle or earlier, from any country.


ECSA has at least three scheduled shoots each month from now until September. All are open to the public. Check out the Calendar pages for dates and times.

2014 Dues

Membership dues are due as of January 1. You can join or renew your membership by using the Membership form found here.

The Well Armed Woman

A local chapter of “The Well Armed Woman” has been established in our area. The aim of "The Well Armed Woman" is to educate, equip, and empower women as gun owners.


Women are encouraged to contact Gina at birkmaier5@eoni.com for more information.