Welcome to Eagle Cap Shooters Association.

The Eagle Cap Range

View of the Eagle Caps from the ECSA range
Website updated on 09/20/2018

ECSA wishes to express its appreciation to ODF&W and the NRA Foundation for grants that have been used for range upgrades in 2012-2015. Click here for a photo gallery.


Latest Announcements

Preventive Burn at the Range

The Oregon Forestry Firefighters will conduct a preventive burn at the range on Monday, September 24, beginning at 12:00 noon depending on the weather. The range will be closed for the afternoon of the 24th.

Range Open - Regular Hours

After the recent rains and cool weather the range is now open during regular hours.


Continue to be very fire conscious at the range and in our grasslands.  Remember, no tracer ammo, no armor piercing or steel core ammo, no tannerite or exploding targets, inspect the impact area after shooting and before you depart the range - to check for smoldering grass.  

Hunter Sight-In

The range will be open to the public on Sunday, September 23 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm for hunter sight-in. Range officers will be on-site.

Youth Shoot

The Youth Shoot is postponed until Sunday, October 21, due to fire danger.

Cowboy Shoot

A cowboy shoot is scheduled at the range on the first Sunday of each month through the fall. Contact Kim Hutchison at klhutchison@eoni.com‬ for info.

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

ECSA will host official IDPA sanctioned events on the 4th Saturday of the month through September. Sign-up at 8:00, start at 9:00. Details can be found here and on the Calendar pages.

Volunteers are needed Friday afternoons at 1:00 pm to help set up for the Saturday matches. Contact Bob Jones to volunteer.

Range Orientation

Range Orientation for new or interested members is held on the third Saturday of the month if you call Doug Wickre (541) 398-8867 to sign-up. The orientation is done at the range and typically takes less than one hour.