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The Eagle Cap Range

View of the Eagle Caps from the ECSA range
Website updated on 7/29/2016

ECSA wishes to express its appreciation to ODF&W and the NRA Foundation for grants that have been used for range upgrades in 2012-2015. Click here for a photo gallery.


Latest Announcements

Non-lead Ammunition Test Day

Hunters and shooters can give non-lead ammunition a try for free at the Eagle Cap Shooter’s range on August 20, 2016 from 12:00 to 5:00 pm courtesy of the Non-Lead Hunting Education Program. A selection of non-lead ammunition from multiple manufacturers will be available.

Shooters are invited to bring their firearms and current ammunition to compare against non-lead ammunition for accuracy. A special demonstration will also compare terminal performance of common lead hunting bullets and non-lead bullets in water barrels and ballistic gelatin.

Details are here.


Its been a year of hard work, filing forms, making phone calls, organizing, and training, but ECSA is now officially an affiliated International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) club. IDPA matches simulate self-defense scenarios and real life encounters using handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. All ECSA matches will now be officially sanctioned by IDPA.


IDPA matches are held on the 4th Saturday of the month. Check the Calendar page for dates and times.

The Well Armed Woman

The Wallowa Co. Chapter of The Well Armed Women (TWAW) meets monthly. Check the calendar page for times and places. The aim of "The Well Armed Woman" is to educate, equip, and empower women as gun owners.


Women are encouraged to contact Gina at birkmaier5@eoni.com for more information.