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The Eagle Cap Range

View of the Eagle Caps from the ECSA range
Website updated on 5/16/2019

ECSA wishes to express its appreciation to ODF&W and the NRA Foundation for grants that have been used for range upgrades in 2012-2015. Click here for a photo gallery.


Latest Announcements

NRA 3GE Event - Rescheduled

Saturday September 21, 2019

We’ve rescheduled the NRA 3GE event to avoid conflict with opening day of buck season.  It will be Saturday 9/21/2019 instead of Saturday 9/28/2019.


Registration 8:00 to 8:45 am, event begins at 9:00 am at the competition bays. Entry fee is $15.00

For more information, contact Bob Jones at (541) 263-2481 or stagger739@gmail.com

Two-gun Defensive Pistol and Rifle Shoot - Results

Saturday August 24, 2019

A light wind kept temperatures comfortable for Eagle Cap Shooters Association’s second Two-gun Defensive Pistol & Rifle Match of the season on Saturday at the gun range on Ant Flat Road.  Attendance was good and spectators were treated to some pretty heated competition.  The event featured four stages and different scenarios with stage 1 being quite complex and challenging – requiring over fifty accurate shots while under pressure from the shot timer.  Target misses are counted as penalties, raising their time and the shooter with the lowest time wins.   Matt P. captured first place with a final overall event time of 179.47;  Second place went to John Hollenbeak with a time of 204.26; and Jake Moore’s time of 221.48 garnered him the third place position.


ECSA will have one more event this year sometime in mid to late September.  Be sure to check ECSA’s website, Facebook page and the What’s Happening section of The Chieftain for more information.

Results of this shoot are posted here. Photo is posted here.

Two-gun Defensive Pistol and Rifle Shoot Results

Saturday August 10, 2019

Attendance was up by about 50% from last year for Eagle Cap Shooters Association’s 2-Gun shoot.

Joe Kline took first place with a final score of 115.70

Jake Moore followed in second place with a final score of 140.96

John Hollenbeak captured third place with a final score of 162.42


Details of the shoot can be found here. Photos are here.

ECSA Spring Fling

The ECSA 2019 Spring Fling was a rousing success. Forty one shooters participated in the 3 gun shoot with another 20+ showing up for the family event. Final 3GE scores are here.

CCI - Vista Outdoor - Speer and Federal Premium generously provided .22 LR and shotgun ammunition. Gary Bethscheider, owner of the Stubborn Mule in Joseph put on a great barbecue lunch.

Further details of the event are found here. Photos can be found here.

LaGrande Rifle and Pistol Club

LGRPC is holding monthly .22 Silhouette Matches on the 1st. Sunday of the month from December through April. Matches begin at 9:00 am. For specific information call Gary Langlitz at 541-786-0809.

Range Orientation

Range Orientation for new or interested members is held on the third Saturday of the month if you call Doug Wickre (541) 398-8867 to sign-up. The orientation is done at the range and typically takes less than one hour.