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The Eagle Cap Range

View of the Eagle Caps from the ECSA range
Website updated on 4/16/2020


ECSA wishes to express its appreciation to ODF&W and the NRA Foundation for grants that have been used for range upgrades in 2012-2015. Click here for a photo gallery.


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Due to the current COVID-19 public health issues, all organized activities at the Ant Flat Range will be suspended until the County and State allow resumption of normal activities. This includes any scheduled matches and all other group activities. If individuals wish to use the range facilities, please respect the Social Distancing Rules and stay separated from others by at least 6 feet. Bring your own supplies to sanitize hands after touching gate and commonly handled items. If you cannot obey these simple rules, please do not use the range. Any use of the range is done at your own risk and the ECSA is not liable for your health decisions.