Welcome to the ECSEA


The purposes of Eagle Cap Shooters Educational Alliance are exclusively those allowed for organizations defined under ยง501(c)(3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code. Within these limits, the purposes of Eagle Cap Shooters Educational Alliance include the following:

  • To provide educational classes
  • To provide educational materials in a variety of formats and media
  • To conduct related educational programs that will educate people about responsible, proper, legal and safe ownership, storage, transport and use of guns.


These educational classes and programs will be open to all interested members of the public, and the ECSEA will especially seek to educate young people who are interested in becoming hunters, as well as seeking to educate people of all ages who are gun owners, hunters, security workers, and people who have or want to acquire permits for the possession of concealed weapons for the personal safety of themselves, their family or their place of employment.


Support for New Educational Building