3-Gun Range

Three of the five competition bays are used for 3-Gun events.  The most popular event is the NRA 3GE (3-Gun Experience).  ECSA furnishes the .22 caliber semi-automatic AR style rifles, .22 semi-automatic pistols, and the shooter’s choice between a 12 gauge, 20 gauge or .410 gauge shotgun.  ECSA provides all the ammunition as well.

Shooters compete in three different age classes:  Youth 8 to 12; Junior 13 to 17; Adult 18 and up.   Many of the participants are new to shooting.  Several NRA-certified Range Safety Officers are present to provide assistance and education.  As with all ECSA shooting events, the NRA 3GE is a friendly competition so don’t be afraid to come on out and join the fun.  More information about the NRA 3GE can be found