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New Education Building scheduled for completion by May 31, 2022!

December 2021 Election Results

Posted: 12/23/2021 1153 ecsasecretary

Election results from the ECSA Annual Election and Business Meeting on 12/21/2021 are as follows:
President – Bill Oliver
Board Director – Dan Moncrief
Board Director – Dale Rasmussen

So, effective 01/01/2022, this will be your new ECSA Board of Directors:

President – Bill Oliver – 2022-2023 or (541) 398-1104

Vice-President – Gary Bethscheider – 2021-2022 or (541) 263-0304

Secretary – John Straughan – 2021-2022 or (541) 263-2109

Treasurer – John Amond – 2021-2022 or (503) 799-9534

Director – Dan Moncrief – 2022-2023 or (541)429-5701

Director – Ken Hauxwell – 2021-2022 or (503) 970-8899

Director – Adam Saxton – 2021-2022 or (541) 263-1485

Director – Dale Rasmussen – 2022-2023 or (503) 803-1700 

Posted: 03/28/2021 18:55 ecsa secretary

Extension of Competition Bay and Addition of a 6th Bay

Posted: 03/28/2021 18:55 ecsa secretary

Things are progressing well with the extension of the northwest competition bay to 100-yards. In addition, we’re adding another 100-yard berm next to it, on the northwest side. The gravel parking lot will then be extended west.  See pictures below.

When completed, there will be two dedicated 100-yard sight-in bays for precision shooters who are checking scope tracking and performing other functions which currently require frequent shutdowns of the rifle range to repeatedly check targets.

The two 100-yard bays will allow for more variety of shooting events as well.

Many thanks to Wellens Construction for the donation of the equipment and operator! Stay tuned for more updates…

New Wood Frame Target Stands Installed at the 100-yard Rifle Range Berm

Posted: 03/28/2021 17:15 ecsa secretary

April 1st Gun Raffle Drawings

Posted: 03/24/2021 15:07 ecsa secretary

Tickets for the April 1st raffle drawings are sold out! Thanks to all who purchased tickets, and GOOD LUCK!!

There will be 3 drawings for a Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol and one drawing for the Springfield Saint AR-15 rifle at 7:00pm on Thursday April 1, 2021 at the Stubborn Mule in Joseph.   
If you need more information, contact Gary Bethscheider at (541) 263-0304

Hunter Education Field Day

Posted: 03/23/2021 13:31 ecsa secretary

A Hunter education course is scheduled for Apr 3, 2021. It will start at 9 am in Joseph and finish at the range. 

All students must register with ODFW by going to the ODFW website. If they do not have an account, they must create one. 

Once on the ODFW website, the student clicks on “Purchases from Catalogue”.  Next click on “Class/Workshop” and click “view all”. It is alphabetical so look for “J” for Joseph. Click on Joseph and view more details. The course costs $10.00 which you add to the cart. This will register the student for the class with field day.

Field Day – Joseph – 04/03/21 – (9:00am – 12:00pm) – Joseph Baptist Church, 107 N. Main St, Joseph, 97846nd (1:00pm – 4:00pm) – Eagle Cap Shooters Association gun range at 69105 Ant Flat Rd, Enterprise, OR 97828 Instructors:  Keith Newburn/Mike Teece

Field Day – Joseph – 04/03/21 – (9:00am – 12:00pm) – Joseph Baptist Church, 107 N. Main St, Joseph, 97846. Students must complete an online course and bring proof of completion to attend this ODFW Field Day. There will be a multiple choice written exam. Find the course here Do not bring your own firearm or ammo, all equipment is provided. Students must wear a mask during COVID restrictions, so please bring your own mask, as well as a lunch. For more information, please contact Keith Newburn at (541) 410-3180.

Oregon State Friends of NRA Scholarships - Deadline is April 10, 2021!

Great NRA Scholarship opportunity!

If you have or know of a student headed for college or university, please apply for scholarships ranging from $4,000 to $1,000. The deadline for submission is April 10 and full instructions and forms are below.  In 2019 two Wallowa County students won a total of $6,000 to support their Freshman year.   Go for it!!

Good luck,
Bill Oliver President, ECSA

There are 2 ways for a student to submit a FNRA Scholarship application in 2021 (links to both forms below):

           Dr. Maurizio Valerio
           52843 Highway 203
           Union, OR 97883
           (541) 853-2355

  • Digital: Applications must be completed and emailed using the Word Fillable Form attached (emails must be received by Midnight, Saturday, April 10, 2021).  Email Applications to:
    NOTE: For a copy of the Microsoft Word fill-in version of the application, please email the ECSA Secretary at:

Pistol Raffle Drawings - Sunday 2/21/2021 !

Congratulations to the winners and Thank You to all who purchased tickets!  The winner of the Colt LW Commander is Tim Cox.  The winner of the Citadel 1911-A1 is John Straughan.  Watch for the next raffle which begins this week!

Coming this Summer 2021 - A New Education Building at the Range!