Certified Range Officer (CRO)

All new members are required to complete a Certified Range Officer (CRO) range safety orientation course.  The course is conducted at the ECSA range and provides a thorough review and walkthrough of ECSA range rules and procedures.  The orientation typically takes an hour to complete.  Successful completion of this course designates the new member as an ECSA Certified Range Officer (CRO) and authorizes the member full access to the ECSA range.

NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)

ECSA in partnership with Twenty One Feet Gun Training offers nationally-recognized NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) certification to members at their own expense. Upon completion of the RSO course, members are authorized to supervise ECSA and NRA sanctioned shoots and gain full access to the ECSA range.

Hunter Education

From the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife web site: “In Oregon, a Hunter Education course is required for all new hunters age 17 and younger unless hunting on land owned by a parent or legal guardian, or unless participating in the Mentored Youth Hunter Program.”

ECSA provides the Hunter Education course once a year in the fall, at the ECSA range facility.  For more information contact Stephen Bartlow at (541) 263-1924 or

Other Firearm Training Classes

ECSA in partnership with Twenty One Feet Gun Training offers a comprehensive selection of NRA and non-NRA training classes including Concealed Handgun License, Basic & Advanced Pistol, Pistol Tactics, NRA Basic Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, and many others.  For more information and to register for a class, please visit